Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Lexember x2

Since there are two -ember months in a row, I've decided to do back-to-back Lexembers, or 61 days of word creation. Today is day five, but Nevashi has gained more than five words so far. Here's the list: 

zereneshvegetable (food)zere + nash, with the e carried over 
ortluasquash, gourd
densound, noise; to make a sound/noise (fa)
neddento chant (ca; religious) nedh + den
vesatorso; (tree) trunk
detishnanotebookdetish (paper) + na  (collective)
defĂ­ncontainer; storage; box
yaiwall (structural, e.g. of a house); separate (fa)
yaivaseparation (n)
dyofiosoutdoorsdyo + fios
pafiosindoorspa + fios
ashanfield, meadow; yard
yai ashanifence, wall (as fence)
yaidefincabinet, cupboard
defar storage room; closet; pantry
And with that, I've passed the 700 word milestone. Defar was word #702. Onward to 800! 

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