Sunday, August 7, 2011

A vocabulary installment

Earth now has a name in Nevashi. It's Ashea, which comes from ash, "land, earth, dirt". That's not terribly original, but I do like the way it fits together with Ianea, which comes from iane, "water". It should probably have been Asha, but I like the matching forms.

Two other recent words are tuzhel and benas├ęd. They both mean "pregnant". The former would literally be something like "in an active state of being heavy" and the latter means "with child".

Tuzhi, the ordinary word for heavy, is also new.

And there's a word for "human" now, jenve, which combines jen ("person") and ve, which is the common part in "animal" and "pet", which must have to do with living beings.

The recently revised vocabulary list is at, if that link works.