Monday, April 19, 2010

McGuffey's First Reader Translation

Gary Shannon recently posted that he was going to translate McGuffey's First Reader as a method of language construction. I decided to apply Teliya Nevashi to the same text.

I haven't checked these over, but here we go:

1. Ca sul levtem. (The boy and girl in the illustration looked like they were probably in that 5-12 year old range.)
2. Ca sul levtam.
3. Ca sul levtem wa levtam.
4. Fwici sul ya levte ya levtam.
5. Fwaca sul ya levtam wa ya levtem.
6. Fwaca sul ya levtam.

7. Sulishi ya tasem!
8. Sulishi ya valtem wa ya tasem. (The boy in the illustration looked like a teen to me.)
9. Pi def ya tase cakom.
10. Pi def ya valte cakom, pi seya?
11. Fwiki adad ya valte.
12. Fwiki adad ya tase, ki?
13. Fwipi sul ya tase ya valtem adadi.

14. Pa def cakom.
15. Pa def voyabenam.
16. Sulishi voyabenam laz!
17. Fwici sul voyabena, ci seya?
18. Fwaca sul voyabenam laz.
19. Pi def ya voyabena cakom, pi seya?
20. Pi def voyabena laz cakom. (Alternately, Pi def laz voyabena cakom. OR Pi def ya voyabena laz cakom.)
21. Pi def levta voyabenam wa cakom.

22. Fwiki lon ya levte, ki?
23. Fwiki lon wa adad ya levte.
24. Fwiki lon ya levte lonosham ulai.
25. Fwiki lon ya tase lonosham ulai, ki seya?
26. Fwipi sul ya tase ya levtem loni.
27. Fwipi weyat ya tase ya ulam, pi?
28. Fwipi weyat ya levte ya ulam.

That was fun. I might do more in a few more days. Or months. You know how it goes around here.

And a special request translation: Mi gan sanzomo laz go ambo-ambo. My canoe is very large.