Wednesday, October 19, 2011

513 and rising. Seasons.

I made some changes to a couple of affixes that has resulted in yet another revision to the vocabulary list. Here is the link to the Revised Revised version. 

I will get around to changing the link on the right. (It is on the right, isn't it? I always get that wrong.)

There are 513 entries in the document now. This isn't a full listing of all Nevashi words. The pronouns aren't there, for instance. Despite some omissions, I am glad I've kept it almost complete and updated regularly. Now I just need to get that other document re-written. I am working on it, but it has been extremely slow going because my personal life hasn't been especially conlanging-friendly lately.

Nevashi is the first conlang I've done that has never had a paper version. This was one of my goals for the project; I wanted to begin to work in a searchable and more shareable format. Of those two things, searchable is by far the more important of the two. The charm of looking for things in hand-written documents wears off pretty quickly when you're doing a lot of translations.

We've moved on to the half of the year during which I accomplish the most in my creative pursuits. This season is called kana in Nevashi. It's autumn and winter taken together. The same word can be used to mean cold weather in a general sense too.

Autumn is kana gwisot, "cool kana". Winter is kana gwisel, "freezing kana".

 Although I didn't make any notes on it, it would appear that the good people of Nevash measure the two seasons from equinox to equinox. The word for "south" is pakana, or "toward kana" and north is palora, "toward lora". (Lora is the other half of the year.) I will have to assume that they've generalized north/south as being "that direction on this side of the east-west line", based on where the sun is rising and setting. (I can only assume that's what I was thinking, since I didn't write anything down.)

In any case, kana is the season during which I do most of my conlanging, writing, painting, and so on. I get introspective and spend a lot of time thinking about life, the universe, and everything. During lora, I'm too busy running around outside and chasing kids. It's my care-free season.

Do y'all have a conlanging season? Or am I just a freak?