Monday, December 31, 2012

31 Days of Lexember

Well, we have reached the end of Lexember and the end of 2012. I actually completed this month long challenge, albeit with some early and some belated entries. These were not the only words created in December. The total number of entries in the Revised Revised Lexicon grew to 655.
  1. Urad Hristi, Christmas
  2. nashín, meal
  3. gitcea, noon. git, middle, center.
  4. tath, root. pwentath, ginger
  5. cevek, deer
  6. umo, bear (the animal)
  7. bron, to be tired (with ca); to be bored (with sa
  8. sashín, candy
  9. hula, circle
  10. ka'encel, depressed. ka'encelva, depression.
  11. nanal, to study, in the sense of learning something academic, what you do to prepare for an exam.
  12. suthol, to study something to learn about it, research, "do a science"
  13. gwisa, ice. gwisha, frost
  14. vegaviozh, truck
  15. kis, to be named. kisa, name.
  16. yun, to be brave (with ma), to explore (with ka)
  17. col, milk
  18. lemyan, river
  19. drus, meat, flesh, muscle. siru, organ, organ meat. sirurí, guts, internal organs (collectively)
  20. hin, cloud
  21. badh, cow
  22. zopa, sheep
  23. zhwes, goat
  24. peya, chicken.
  25. thes, to dance (with ka)
  26. grayu, raven. gawa, crow
  27. hom (with sa), to think. homa, thought or idea. homsiru, brain.
  28. hlet, to lead (with fa), to persuade (with ca).In the "in charge" sense.
  29. byu, after (in a sequence of physical objects), following (adj)
  30. joa, to save or rescue (with sa). joava, rescue or salvation
  31. pie, to jump (with ka). ropie, to leap up (ka), to pounce upon (ta)

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