Friday, May 6, 2011

A Word For Today

I don't think I can commit to a word a day, but I do have a word for the day, along with its relatives.

Ora, true (adj); to tell the truth (v. with sa); to act honestly (v. with ta)
Oram, a truth, something that is true (n.)
Orabwa, truth (n.)

I can imagine ora'el as an emphatic form of the adjective, but I'll have to let that roll around in my mind for a while before I can divine the specific connotations of it. It might mean "honest" or "correct"... But ora'el hasn't quite landed yet.

Google docs doesn't want to cooperate with this particular laptop, so it will have to wait until later to join the official document.


Mia said...

There it is! I knew I had a word for 'true'... I also found a note to myself about capital-T Truth, which may make it into a new entry.

Mia said...

(And the word you don't see here, but that is implied, would be siora, "false".)