Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thursday update

The notebook I'd been using to develop Teliya Nevashi (Hereafter, "TN" or "Nevashi") is still missing. I've decided to forge ahead with what I recall and make up the rest as I go. There's a lot of new material in the grammar, some of which is going to require revision of previous examples. The new stuff is subject to change as I actually work with it, since it is mostly straight out of my brain without any testing.

There are a few changes that I need to document-- my notebook had a rather ugly system for indicating sex on pronouns, but I've come up with something a little more elegant (I think), in the form of using selected noun sex suffixes as prefixes on pronouns. The hideous "vo'utu", ("him", acc.) from the system documented in my notebook and used previously in one of the examples, would become "uvot" under the new rule. The new rule is simpler to remember too: a- for female, u- for male, and they can be used (optionally) on any pronoun. I will add this into the Gender and Sex section when I get half a chance.

I am going to go over to my mother's house and see if my notebook is over there. Wherever it is, it is in the company of my copy of Describing Morphosyntax. If I don't find the notebook, Nevashi will go on. If I don't find the book, I'll be very sad.

In other news, I've eliminated SVO from my possible word orders. Now VSO and VOS are battling it out for galactic supremacy... Oh, wait... that was a different movie.

I sort of stopped rather abruptly. I have been getting kids dressed and ready to go since then. They have shoes on now, and are looking at me impatiently, so I'm going to go. I'll be back very soon. I promise.

EDIT: Threw in the new rule and I think I fixed all the instances of "vo'utu"... I didn't use "find & replace", but rather ran my eyes down the document looking for it, so I may have missed a couple. There are some formatting issues in the current publish of the grammar as well. I'll fix those sooner or later.

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