Sunday, July 29, 2007

Small changes & notes

Made changes in the grammar today re: demonstratives. There are some previous examples that I need to go back and fix-- pretty much all previous instances of "alath" need to be changed to "aláth" to show the irregular stress.

I bought a new notebook, since my son thinks my old notebook may have gotten packed. The new one is like the one I already had, except a different color. It's a 2 subject, college ruled Five Star (by Mead?)notebook that has plastic covers on front and back PLUS a nylon fabric cover for the spiral binding and a plastic holder for 3x5 cards in the front. The plastic covers and the cover for the binding make it really durable as a go-everywhere, portable conlanging notebook. I think I bought the first one either at the grocery store or at Happy Harry's (aka Walgreen's-- they were a local chain that got bought out and kept the old name). The second I bought at Wal-Mart today. They should be pretty readily available (in the US), in any case.

My other all-around great notebook for dragging around is a Moleskine large reporter's notebook that I picked up at Waldenbooks while I was working in the mall. It's really nice, but it is also REALLY expensive, as notebooks go. It was my treat to myself that week.

Many more changes and additions to the grammar later this week. Lots to do over the next few days, so I don't know how much I'll get done, but you know I'll be thinking about it. Relative clauses should be popping up as a topic soon, and then I'll start some translations.

I've got a couple of idioms for the language planned:
a.)"to be in someone's eye, " meaning "to be getting on someone's nerves" ... Complete with the exclamation, "Get out of my eyes!"
b.) "to lick the cat's fur" -- a person who licks the cat's fur is the kind of person who has to do everything themselves because they are such a control freak. This is like the boss who gives you a job, then pushes you out of the way to do it himself. Needless to say, the connotations are on the negative side.

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