Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Out-of-date documentation

The grammar I have linked over there on the right is terribly, terribly out-of-date. I plan on working on that a little bit today. It's still going to be very informal. Writing it all out in a conversational tone helps me get over my aversion to writing it out at all, and it makes it easier reading for my friends who aren't really all that interested in languages but are curious about what it is that I do.

In any case, whatever comes out of the revision will be better than the best available documentation for ea-luna. For instance, the ENTIRE documentation for ea-luna verbs is this:
 (ma/buna) (ae/ewe) (ema/ide) (eni) (uma/punu/bana) 
That makes perfect sense to me, but it really doesn't tell anyone else much of anything useful. That's what I am working from on my end, though, for most of my languages-- just a cheat sheet for my own benefit that needs to be expanded and explained before it is fit for public consumption.

On an different, but perhaps not wholly unrelated, note, the Nevashi word du jour, newly minted just this morning, is semosva, "procrastination" (or, more literally, "not-doing-ness"), which is just shy of simosva, "laziness".


Dedalvs said...

I'm glad to hear it! I forget if I ever told you, but ea-luna was always one of my favorite conlangs (from the early days). It inspired Kamakawi. It was the first time I thought, "Wait a minute... I can make a language look the way I want it to look." Can't wait for the new grammar. :)

Mia said...

I do believe you'd mentioned that ea-luna was an inspiration for Kamakawi. And that's the best kind of flattery. ;)

I see a lot I'd have done differently with ea-luna now, but it's too old and set in its ways to change much at this point. I've recently started playing with it a bit more, and despite its flaws, it still makes me happy.

I hope to have the grammar re-write done before my annual State of the Language post in January.