Thursday, January 27, 2011

Update. No New Content Today... Yet.

I received a Kindle for Christmas from my son and his wife. (Actually, I am pretty sure that it was mostly from my daughter-in-law. She's sweet like that.) I am excited about the prospect of getting the grammar of TN into a Kindle-friendly format so that I can have an easily portable reference.

I need to update the grammar, and then I might create a "cheat sheet" version for the Kindle.

This afternoon, I plan on working out a simple Teliya Nevashi phrase book in order to have some useful conversational items together in one place.

I've been having a strong urge to start a new conlang, one that has the explicit purpose of being a personal auxiliary language (i.e. a conlang designed for everyday use in the real world by me... and anyone else interested). All my languages have this purpose, to some extent, but this is what I've been thinking about specifically for a new conlang now.

I'll try to resist, planning to redirect that energy toward TN, but I am not making any promises.


na-tëàctöp'r said...

If you start the new auxlang, I will try to participate!

Mia said...

That would be great! The more, the merrier.

Thomas said...

I'd love to get involved in the new personal auxlang. I've always wanted to work on a language with you! Or at least, I'll learn some and use it with you. :-)