Monday, March 8, 2010

Small Advancements, Big Plans

Nevashi gained a number of words for body parts and clothing tonight. Those are the small advancements.

The Big Plans? I plan on starting to keep a diary in the language to help advance it further. I hope that actually using it will result in a lot more advancement. I may start posting entries here in Nevashi, when I feel a little more comfortable using it.

I also plan on fleshing out the conculture a little more, paying particular attention to the differences between the cultures of Nevashi speakers on the island of Nevash and on the mainland, and also between Ianea Nevashi and Earth Nevashi. (I might like to start by coming up with some story to explain how some Nevashi people ended up on Earth, since Ianea is their home world.)

I am also trying to start a little collaborative conlang project at (It has moved!)

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