Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Minor notes

The current Teliya Nevashi vocabulary list is viewable here. I still need to comb through the grammar to see if I scare out any other words used-but-not-listed, and I have a few other words scattered around to add. I will just republish as I add things.


na-tëàctöp'r said...

Thanks for putting this up! Were you aiming at just content words (excluding grammatical ones), or all full words? Comparing it with my notes, I see most of the content words, except ti'i and the numerals.

Other things which I don't see here are (se)an[t/d]a, seya, ath/kas/dha/sa and friends, the standalone pronouns, kwe and lia, and ya. Oh, and "Xu!".

Are i ("to,") and an ("being the same as") prepositions?

Mee-ah said...

I had noticed that ti'i was missing when I looked at the file before publishing. I have a lot to add.

I am pretty sure that "i" is a preposition. "An" is the copula (e.g. Ma an tikit, "I am a squirrel"... I need more nouns!) But I may have used "an" as a preposition also-- I need to check other, yet-unpublish translation documents.

na-tëàctöp'r said...

Oh, that "an"! (Actually, I'm not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that. I guess I saw it in the vocabulary and didn't make the connection.)